Technical Services

Molders – Logistics Limited offers the following services to the oil and gas as well as marine industries.

– Fabrication and Welding

Our dedicated team of highly skilled and trained fabricators and welders accept small, medium and large fabrication and welding projects. All projects undertaken are guided by strict adherence to client specifications and the highest level of industry standards. Various welding and fabrication methods have been developed and these cover stainless and carbon steel for structural and general fabrication.

Steel Works
Stainless steel and carbon steel work pieces
Fabricated steel structures can be supplied with mill and class certificates on request.
Regular calibration and certification of all essential equipment used for steel work.
High caliber, fully certified personnel able to carry out works offshore or aboard ship.
Plate renewal and repair
Pipe Works
Pipe repair and renewal
Full pressure testing and certification
Complete package available
Steel Fabrication
Modifications on vessels or steel structures
Fabrication carried out by experienced and trained personnel
Capability to part flat sections of 750mm x 560 mm and round sections up to 560mm

– Piping
Professional inspection, servicing and certification you can rely on. We offer: Subsea Riser Inspection
Disassembly of Rise
• Removal of floats
• Removal of Auxiliary lines
• Removal of Jewelry
Inspection of Risers
• Visual and Dimensional Check on lines and main tubes
• NDT inspection on main tubes and lines
• NDT inspection on jewelry
Blasting and Painting of Risers
• Bare metal blasting on Flanges and welds of main tube
• Bare metal blasting on Auxiliary lines boxes and welds
• Sweep blasting on remaining Surface of lines and main tubes
• Painting with three coat system on bare metal and 1 coat system on covered surfaces
Reassembly of Risers
• Assembly of jewelry on Main tube
• Insertion of Aux Lines into Main tube
• Assembly of flotation modules onto risers

Drill Pipe Inspection
Unbundling of drill pipes on pipe racks
• Lifting bundle on racks
• Preparation for washing
Cleaning of pin and box tool joints
• Mechanical and chemical cleaning at tool joint
• External high pressure washing
• Flushing of drill pipes
• Cleaning of thread protectors
Surface preparation for NDT
Buffing of areas required to be inspected
Inspection of Drill pipes
• Visual inspection on tool joint face
• NDT inspection at tool joint and along joint
• Dimensional checks on tool joint • Marking out and classifying joints post inspection
Re-facing on site following inspection
Re-cutting of Damaged threads in workshop
Hard band on tool joints.
Re-bundling of Drill Pipes
• Preparation for delivery to client

– Mechanical Works

We offer: Inspection, Maintenance and Repairs (IMR)

• Top overhauls and major overhauls • Engine replacement

• Ancillary equipment inspection, maintenance and repair


• A well-equipped machining workshop with lathes, milling machines, surface grinders and more general machining equipment.

System Upgrades

• A one-stop shop for machinery upgrades

Surface treatment/coating

• Blasting and spraying facility

• Blasting and painting are carried out according to the highest standards.

• Powder and Xylan coatings

High Pressure Cleaning

• High pressure equipment up to 750 bar


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