Technical Training

We offer technical training for students, artisans and professionals who want to work in the upstream oil and gas as well as the marine sectors. The technical training programs are open to professionals and artisans already in the marine and upstream oil and gas sectors who seek value addition to their professions.

We have a well-rounded human resource pool that has competent and well qualified artisans and professionals that are suited for any job.

We also supply good quality and world recognized welding equipment and accessories. We supply welding equipment and accessories, which give value for money and are also suited for our climate.

We offer top notch consultancy services to companies in the upstream oil and gas industry. We offer well trained and certified local artisans and professionals who would provide top quality services for the period that their services are required by the contractor.

This is a three-tier value addition Training Program for local students, artisans and professionals. The training is in Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW)

There is the Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced Courses. These courses are run by our technical partner Motherwell Bridge Industries in Malta. They have an ultramodern workshop with state-of-the-art equipment.

Introduction Course

The Introduction Course is a 50-hour training program which lets the trainee be acquainted with the basic safety procedures as well as the welding equipment, and the personal protective equipment to be used in the workshop.

Intermediate Course

The Intermediate Course is a 100-hour hands-on practical training and certification program. The trainee will also be introduced to steel fabrication and will be awarded a 3G certificate after completing the course.

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course is a 120-hour hands-on-practical training program, and upon completion the trainee would be awarded a 6G certification. The trainee would also be introduced to pipe-fitting.

Well Control
Well Control Level 2 (IWCF/IADC)
Well Control Level 3 &4(IWCF/IADC)

EXF Foundation
EX01 to EX04 – Gas and Vapor Environments
EX01R to EX04R – Gas and Vapor Environments – Refresher
EX12 ADE – Application Design Engineers
Ex14 – Responsible Persons

Lifting Operations
Banksman and Slinger
Rigging and Lifting
Combined Rigging, Banksman/ Slinger
Stability Training in preparation for Marine Licensing (Flag States: Vanuatu, Liberia and Marshall Islands)
Offshore Installation Managers (OIM) Training in preparation for Marine Licensing (Flag States: Vanuatu,
Liberia and Marshall Islands)
ROV Pilot Technician Grade II


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